Fun FAQs - Cassie Campbell-Pascall

Favorite movies:
- Beaches and Good Will Hunting

Favorite colour:
- Purple

Favorite sports other than hockey:
- Soccer and golf

Favorite TV shows:
- Law and Order and NHL hockey - especially Hockey Night in Canada!

- Any of Oprah’s book club books, and any biography type books

Favorite food:
- Sushi
- Pizza (pepperoni, green peppers and feta)
- McDonald’s cheeseburgers (no pickles or onions though!)

Favorite places to travel to on vacation:
- Prince Edward Island and the BC Sunshine coast, Cabo San Lucas, as well as Hawaii and anywhere in the Caribbean

Other places Cassie has traveled to:
- El Salvador, Afghanistan, London, England, Paris, New York City, Prague, Japan, Finland, Sweden, China

What’s in Cassie’s IPOD:
- Cassie likes all kinds of music – including: the Tragically Hip, country and top 20

Name of her dog growing up:
- Tassis