Cassie Campbell-Pascall would like to thank the following corporations who she partners with on their corporate promotional and charity initiatives, and Cassie encourages you to support each of them as well! All of these companies have also helped Cassie promote the game of female hockey.

McDonald's Canada

Cassie Campbell-Pascall has proudly been associated with McDonald’s Canada since 1997. They supported her before the Olympic medals, during the medals and now after the medals. They were always there to congratulate Cassie on her sport/personal achievements by sending cards or flowers and really have made Cassie Campbell-Pascall feel like part of the McDonald’s team. McDonald’s continues to be a very fun group to work with for Cassie, and she is excited with their continued partnership!


As Scotiabank Special Advisor, Cassie Campbell-Pascall promotes the importance of leadership and teamwork in hockey.  

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